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Meeting you wherever you are on your journey to recovery.

Recovery is not for those that need it but for those that want it! If you are ready to take your life back to Balance then we are ready to help you!

We provide rapid, confidential and bespoke private therapy and counselling for addictions.

From alcohol, drug and substance abuse to prescription medication, food and gambling. We understand that addictions can change lives and that sometimes they seem impossible to stop. We also know that this does not have to be the case – you can get your life back into Balance.

Using a combination of therapies and life long experience means that we can adapt our counselling to your individual needs, wishes and desires. The therapy and counselling you will receive is unique to you. We will not offer you a one-size-fits-all solution but we can offer you hope! We can offer you a route back to a life not controlled by addictive behaviours.

Alcohol Addiction

Do you consistently wake up in the morning after yet another failed attempt to just have “a couple”. Has alcohol stopped being “fun”? Are the consequences of your drinking becoming harder to face?

Drug Addiction

Narcotics come in many varieties from Class A through to “natural highs” – each has its own issues and challenges. Each however can destroy your life when it runs out of control!

Prescription Medication Addiction

What started as a medical treatment now requires a medical treatment.

Social Media/Gaming/Screen Addiction

The curse of the modern world? Has the opinion of strangers become the most important thing in your day? Do you find that things in the real world get missed because things in the virtual world take priority?

Substance of Choice Reduction

Some of our clients are not addicts and do not want to be clean, sober or abstinent they just want to manage their lives better. They want a Balance.

Gambling Addiction

Do you know in your heart that you’ll never get back on top and that just one more is never going to change your life but that doesn’t stop you just having one more go? Has chasing your dream of financial security destroyed your financial status?

Food Issues

Anorexia and bulimia are just two of many variations, self-harm is just one of many symptoms, but each can destroy your health and your life. Do you just wish it was so different?

Body Image Issues

Often connected to body dysmorphia, food Issues or even screen addiction. When you look in a mirror is your reality just to see “ugly” or “not enough” despite what others may have said.

Susan Macdonald

Addiction Counsellor & Recovery Coach

I’m a wife, mother, step-mother, a partner, a therapist, a friend, a Recovery Coach and a Life Coach but, most of all, I’m someone who cares!

I can help you to get your life in Balance!

I met Susan when my life was spiralling out of control, I was on the verge of loosing my children and my marriage. I have been seeing Susan on a maintenance programme now for 18 months and I have been sober and clean for nearly 2 years.


How can I begin to sum up how awesome this lady is. She smashes it every session. Never judgemental, always honest, never lets me get away with bottling a subject, but it works…she will guide and handhold you to a place that’s safe, serene and no guilt.

Theresa W

Susan is my earth angel…I owe my life to her. I now have a wonderful relationship with my family and I have a gorgeous little girl. I love my life now, I haven’t had to touch a drink or a drug for over four years now and I really do have a life beyond my wildest dreams.


Susan has been seeing my son now for about five months. Before seeing Susan he couldn’t go 48 hours without alcohol or drugs. By week two he became clean and sober! There aren’t the words to sing Susan’s praises enough. If anyone is reading this and thinks that it’s not possible, I thought that too. At Balance you feel calm as soon as you walk through the door and we’ve been met with such kindness and professionalism. You can’t help but feel hope. Thank you.


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