Sober Living

Fully inclusive and exclusive residential two or three day retreat for peace and contentment

Half Way House

We know that one of the hardest periods in your Recovery Journey is when you leave a residential rehab. Adjusting to your new “normal” is not as simple as it may seem. It comes with its own unique set of challenges and difficulties.

Your friends and family may have been part of your problems. Your work and your social life may have contributed to everything that triggered your spiral of self abuse.

By spending time in a Sober Living Environment we can help you get the Balance right.

We can assist with fitting you in with your own local recovery groups and contacts. Helping you with social or professional relationships now you are “In Recovery”.

Knowing not only how to handle yourself but the situations that you are going to meet like; birthdays, holidays, Christmas even is essential to keeping and strengthening your Recovery.

Crucially we understand that while your sobriety is new to you, having a guide, who has “been there” and helped many many clients to ensure they fully understand and appreciate the Steps. That all the lessons and language of your new “normal” is not only understood but that you can genuinely “live in the solution!”

Working with you to create a bespoke ToolBox can help you to know what to do when life throws you some bumps in those first few crucial weeks and months. Helping you to adjust from the fully residential basis of support into a life of independent living; strong and safe and in Recovery is what we know will keep you sober and clean.

We will help you to get the Balance right. To achieve a Bridge to Normal Living!

Exclusive & Individual Serenity Retreat

Are Your Steps in a Rut?

Do you have a library full of self help books?

But still feeling irritable, restless and discontented?

Desperate for more contentment, peace and serenity?

Do you feel that deep inside you have plateaued?

Is it time to give yourself space to be “improving” knowing it’s “progress and not perfection”?

These questions and their answers are why Balance Addiction Therapy now offers a Serenity Retreat – an infusion of peace and fellowship.

A short series of workshops to give you a tighter and more controlled grip on gratitude; contentment, journaling, mindfulness and meditation along with some much needed soul food and pampering in our luxurious Lincolnshire rural idyl.

Other Retreats will be offered next year either in the UK or in Mallorca so please do not be disappointed

In these times of extreme life uncertainty, with drama all around us, we can lose sight of what is normal living? There has never been more need for stability and connection to ourselves.

We offer various options and techniques, perhaps a little sound therapy, relaxing sauna and guided meditation or just some fresh air and space in beautiful countryside. The objective is to leave you uplifted, refreshed and content; rested, fulfilled and ready to continue to improve your own conscious contact. Re-engaged with your life and spirit with a lot more headspace after having kicked out the toxicity that was living rent-free in your beautiful life.

Spaces for these exclusive retreats are very strictly limited and controlled to ensure that our guests get the absolute best experience and gain the most from their Serenity Booster. These Two Night Stays are all inclusive and can be on any days of the week by arrangement.

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