Women-Only Residential Rehab

One-to-One Private Residential Rehab for Women


At Balance Addiction Therapy we appreciate that in some circumstances women can find mixed gender or group residential rehab…

…Especially traumatic and therefore we offer a highly bespoke service for women seeking their own Balance and their own journey to recovery.

Based in a luxurious setting in either rural Lincolnshire

One-to-One women-only rehab. Addressing the concerns of only one client at a time in a discreet and completely relaxed, secluded and dedicated environment.

“It might be a long and winding road to recovery but your freedom is worth it!”

We have considerable experience helping women to find recovery and know that with the strongest possible foundation you can succeed. We know that there can be many, sometimes highly sensitive and interconnected issues for a woman entering a new life in recovery. We do appreciate that no matter how sympathetic or empathetic a male or group is, there are times when only a woman who has experienced many of the trials and difficulties can help.

Someone who can really connect and really understands may be what you need when you have hit bottom and just need to get your life back; to start again!

We can provide female-only therapy and support, private one-to-one treatment and counselling and 24hr care and support (including a medical detox if necessary) to give the very best opportunity to start your own journey to Balance.

From discrete limousine collection and escorting to our private, serene luxury facility we offer the highest level of care and connection to give every possible opportunity to reconnect, to address, assess and to enter recovery.

We create a bespoke daily routine and each day will be structured to include a a suite of complementary therapies to enliven the mind, body and spirit; from art to yoga, reiki and tai chi; walking in the beautiful countryside; personal training; ensite sauna and gym; meditation and sound therapy and more. Being fully residential we also offer a fully nutritional diet regime catering for most food intolerances and medical requirements. In additional, each and every day there will be counselling and therapy sessions to explore the challenges and obstacles to your recovery.

We treat the mind body and spirit; we want you to get well, we want to give you every opportunity to succeed and, most importantly, we know you can! This is not a spa break or mindfulness retreat this is to be a 24hr-a-day bespoke rehab, a private space with a dedicated female-only team to help you to start your journey to Recovery.

The essential first step to our dedicated rehab will be a personal meeting to ascertain your needs, requirements and current situation; this will allow us to make your stay personally tailored to your unique needs. It also gives you the opportunity to confirm that Balance Addiction Therapy is what you need.

Your journey, your freedom from addicted behaviour is the most important thing and we need to give you every opportunity to take that first massive, life changing step!

Breaking the Chains that hold you to your current life does take work. There is no pill and no easy fix!

Your Recovery may not be easy but we can promise you that it will be worth it!!

We are here to help you: We are here to give you BALANCE!

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